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I have many DBs with identity structures and need to have init data to each. I created script for adding init data and this script has following strings:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[aspnet_Profile] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK__aspnet_Pr__UserI__68487DD7]

but each my DB has different name of contraints. Can I create DBs with the same name of contraints? I tried to create DB by script, by schema compare of Visual Studio 2010 etc

I use MS SQL 2008

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You can name the constraint yourself when creating it - then you should have the same name of constraint on all your databases. Since you've not mentioned anything about the schema I can't give you the exact answer - but the syntax for naming your FK when you create it is like this:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[aspnet_Profile]
    REFERENCES [dbo].[OtherTable](UserID)

Then to drop it on all your databases is the same script:

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[aspnet_Profile] DROP CONSTRAINT [FK_MyFKNameHere]
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