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I have an older project that I need to do an update for. However, since the realease of Xcode 4 a few things have changed. I have found where the projects app.sym file is but the folder only specify Debug. Where do I set my project to build the app and create a release folder?

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In XCode4, the configuration option has moved to scheme. you can edit scheme settings in Product>Edit Scheme or Command Shift <. In it you will need to select particular action(Build, Run etc.) and change the configuration under info tab. Change Debug the build configuration to Release for Run action.

Now, build and run your project it will create directory for release.

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Open your project, click on its scheme and choose New Scheme. After you've created this new scheme, click on Edit Scheme; select the new scheme and its destination and set Build Configuration to Release for Run and for every other that you need...
Hope this can help you :)

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Here is a good tutorial for making the build for distributing,http://soulwithmobiletechnology.blogspot.in/2011/03/how-to-create-distribution-build-with.html

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