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I have added:


Within sub1_btn there is a movieclip called "arrow".

Using this code I am able to access it and tween it:

TweenMax.to(sub2_btn.arrow, 1, {rotation: -0});

However, using this code within a FOR statement (as there are 2), I am not

for (var i:int = 1; i<3; i++){
                TweenMax.to(["sub"+i+"_btn"].arrow, 1, {rotation: -0});

What is wrong with the above code? The error is:

Error: Cannot tween a null object. at com.greensock::TweenLite() at com.greensock::TweenMax() at com.greensock::TweenMax$/to() at src::main/pullSub()

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Try this instead:

for (var i:int = 1; i<3; i++){
    TweenMax.to(this["sub"+i+"_btn"].arrow, 1, {rotation: -0});

The problem is that ["sub"+i+"_btn"] creates a new array, and that array doesn't contain an object arrow. But when you use this["sub"+i+"_btn"] you access the movie clip sub[i]_btn as you want.

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Oh I am a muppet - I thought I tried that! –  Kevin McGowan Mar 6 '12 at 18:03

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