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In our app, we need to find the driving distance between 2 geo locations in city. Only driving distance and we don't care about the directions. We are evaluating ways to find the distance which could have tolerance of less than 1,000m. One is to divide city area into blocks of, for example, 500m squares. The driving distance between two blocks is equal to the distance of the centers of two blocks. App needs to send 2 addresses to geo API and ask for the geo location first, then app finds the block the address belongs to and send the geo location (saved in table) of two block centers to geo API again for distance. To speed up search, the app can save latest block distances and pop it up if a late search happens to be in the same blocks. The 2nd way is to send 2 addresses to the geo API and ask for the exact distance.

My question is which way could be faster finding distances for thousands of distance requests? Or is there other way which is faster for finding the driving distance in city?

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The distance between 2 geopoints is (with some tolerance) very easy to calculate (Haversine formula for one). No need to do complicated caches and blocks for that part. Or do you mean by distance the length of the 'driving route'? What technology is your app build in? – Eddy Mar 6 '12 at 17:34
Yes, it is driving distance. We plan to use ruby/rails framework. – user938363 Mar 7 '12 at 1:45

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