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Using the Facebook enhanced auth dialog, the dialog itself shows a blue button to confirm the app at the user side. The text of this button could be:

  • Add to Facebook
  • Log in with Facebook
  • Go to App
  • Play Game

Is there any way to choose the displayed? For example I would like to use Log in with, but I always get Go to App.

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Yes, you have to configure your application correctly per the blog article you got that info from ;)


New button text

In the enhanced auth dialog, the button text will be one of four cases: "Add to Facebook", "Log in with Facebook", “Go to App”, or "Play Game". Each of these were extensively tested and showed that more specific calls to action help users better understand the auth process. As the first point of contact for an app, it’s important for the auth dialog to exhibit a great user experience.

See our Open Graph documentation to learn more about permissions and configuring the enhanced auth dialog.

And most importantly a quote from Lu's, the blog author, response to that same question from Sven Gali (oh svengali!):

the four cases are context-sensitive and currently, there is no control for you to pick a particular button text. We show different button text in different situations, as we've found that users are more likely to install your application if the call-to-action text aligns with their expectations. Thus, the logic currently is something like*:

  • if the user has already installed the app and you are requesting additional permissions that includes "publish_actions", we use "Add to Facebook"
  • if you're a game app, we use "Play Game"
  • if your auth dialog is shown in display=popup (e.g. after user clicks a "Log In with Facebook" fb:login button), we use "Log In with Facebook"
  • in other situations, we use "Go to App"

*Obligatory Disclaimer: We may adjust the logic tree in the future without notice, as we're constantly testing variations to improve the user-auth experience. But hopefully this is helpful so you can at least understand how it is currently functioning under the hood :)

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Note that Facebook appear to be adding more variants to this set of 4 now. I've noticed that newspaper apps generally have the text 'Read this article' as the button text.

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I've seen "okay, watch video" on SocialCam app but still did not get where to change it on my app. – Nicolas Grenié Apr 26 '12 at 21:05

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