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I have questions according to my final project in my IT Faculty.. I have to make A simple text editor (like notepad) without using JTextArea (GUI Java), I have to make my own JTextArea..

Idea/Topic= Own Text Editor

Algorithms= doesnt have any idea yet

Data Structure= Rope(Member of Binary Trees)

Requirement= Typing without JTextArea...

Is that possible to make that? Can a panel (or something else like that) has a listener or make a listener to do that? simply thinking, First step I just want to try for typing on a panel, absolutely algorithms needed but i dont get right algorithms so far.. Is that possible?

My thinking is, for text that im typing is stored to a tree.. Is that Rope(Member of Binary Trees) for my data Structure?

Thanks for helping...

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Why would your professor give you an impossible task as an assignment? It is possible. – James Montagne Mar 6 '12 at 18:34

It's possible.

Use as you mentioned JPanel attaching KeyListener and MouseListener.

You need a model (Document). For simplest case it could be e.g StringBuilder where you can add content and show the StringBuilder content.

You need caret position (int field) to indicate where the edit should happen.

You need Font field to keep all the font info to be used in the editor.

Override paintComponent() and use FontMetrics to measure the text and calculate necessary width/height. For the start I would create a text area without line wrap.

Implement viewToModel/modelToView methods. They should calculate position of caret for given x,y and x,y for given caret position.

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StanislavL thx for your help.. I'll try with your suggestions.. I think that is quite simple to do.. if i have any problems, i'll ask again... – ordinaryBoys Mar 7 '12 at 15:58

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