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I know how to get the text from of a TextField, so that's not the problem. My problem is how do I get its value from a different XIB file?

For example: I have a name text field in my Form.xib, and I am trying to pull in that name value from Chart.xib

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make the UItextField a IBOutlet (@property) in its corresponding view controller (let say view A) ..then ..

lets says you want the value of text file in view B .

so in view B.

ViewA *viewA = [[ViewA alloc]initwithnibName:@"ViewA" bundle:nil];

NSString *textfieldtext = viewA.textfieldNamehere.text;
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Thanks for responding. I tried this and I am getting an error: instance method '-initwithnibName:bundle' not found return type defaults to id It occurs on this line: ViewA *viewA = [[ViewA alloc]initwithnibName:@"ViewA" bundle:nil]; –  Brandon Mar 6 '12 at 19:55
AH! I figured out the error: initwithnibName needs to be capital letters- initWithNibName ;) –  Brandon Mar 6 '12 at 20:52

I think you don't understand MVC pattern well.
.nib file just representing user interface. ViewController must take care about all data that will be displayed into View(.nib file).

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