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I have the following piece of code and I have 3 questions related to it:

JScript in the view:

$('#page1').load('@Url.Action("QuestionList", "Tests", new { testId = Model.Test.ID , Page = 2 })');

Action in the Tests controller:

public ActionResult QuestionList(int testId, int Page)
        // some meaningless operations here
        return PartialView("QuestionList", somevalue);

(The partial view is also QuestionList - I tried with another name, just to be on the safe side - and it did not work again)

The questions:

  1. When using only testId everything is fine. Now that I added Page the Action paramter Page is always null.
  2. I created a model that was supposed to replace the two variables. The new model is always null.
  3. The third question is not related to the title, but to the current problem - how can I pass a value from the view to the Url.Action method? I know that the method is server side and the view with the JScript is on the client, but with this last problem that I have to solve I just got lost.

I already checked threads like this one: Pass multiple values from view, but the proposed solution is actually my problem.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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By the way the ajax tag is valid for my question as the load function is based on ajax. – Unknown Mar 6 '12 at 20:39
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Have you tried to examine your querystring in the request to your Server to make sure it is not being escaped?
It should be similar to


My guess it is getting escaped:


If that is the problem, use the @Html.Raw() helper. See MVC3 Url.Action querystring generation for the complete solution.

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Actually that is the problem, now I saw it, but because it is a partial view the link cannot be easily seen. Thanks a lot, it was going to cost me a lot more time. – Unknown Mar 6 '12 at 20:11

First: how did you pass your model? I had a problem similar to yours, when using MVCContrib grid. I tried to send data such as column and order by instantiating a new object, but that didn't workout. Instead of passing a MVCContrib.Options object like @Url.Action("QuestionList", "Tests", new { testId = Model.Test.ID , Page = 2, options = new MVCContrib.Options() }), I had to send the name of the class properties: @Url.Action("QuestionList", "Tests", new { testId = Model.Test.ID , Page = 2, Column="xxx", Order=Ascending }) or something like that.

Also, you seem to be creating your link correctly. Just in case, put an "@" in front of Page to be sure, maybe it is a reserved word.

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