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I am trying to create a table with fpdf but the inputs of my table is quite big so its not fitting in one cell and i dont know how to push that data into next line without distorting the table structure.

I tried using multicell to..which did not work.

i used this code

function table_2($header,$data)

    // Colors, line width and bold font
    // Header
    $w = array(8, 90, 90);
    // Color and font restoration
    // Data
    $fill = false;
    foreach($data as $row)
        $fill = !$fill;
    // Closing line

can anyone help me with this?

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1 Answer

I would suggest you to use this lib http://www.mpdf1.com/mpdf/. It allows to convert html+css into pdf file. It is based on fpdf. I used it to generate pdf-file with about 1000 pages. It is awesome.

I shope it will helpfull. I not - sorry.

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