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I have been working on this for some time now and just cant quite get it to work... Has anyone implemented a MGSplitViewController app using storyboards in iOS 5? I just cant get anything to show up like in the example project and was wondering if there were any tutorials or just steps to getting this to work...


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iOS 5 allows you to custom create View Controller containers. Refer to "Implementing UIViewController Containment". They have a sample project demo, but not sure if they have published the source code.

I think you can create a root ViewController that holds two more child ViewControllers

  • Child 1 - Has UITableView and is aligned left.

  • Child 2 - Has UIView for the details on the right.

MGSplitViewController style transition could be achieved through transitionFromViewController:toViewController:

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@Eric Did you ever get this to work? –  Austin Aug 31 '12 at 18:28

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