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I am making a iphone app for my local school. I have a good grasp on obj-c and stuff.

Once I am done with this app the students will be supplying 100% of the content through blogger or something else.

my question is what service (if any) would you use for the RSS feed? blogger? etc??? I need it to be simple enough that kids can summit the content.

in the app there will be a NEWS, EVENTS, BLOG, and CONTACT pages


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I'd use wordpress or blogger, depending on your own taste. Both can publish rss feeds like the ones you're looking for.

A more interesting option might be google docs. -Create spreadsheet and press press the "share with everyone" under sharing options -Go to "Files->Publish as web page", press publish and check the flag that makes it automatically republish on changes -When it has been published you can press the "web page" select-box and click "RSS".

And bingo, you've got a spreadsheet wherein you can publish all your data. Of course it doesn't have quite as much interface-niceties as wordpress or blogger, but you get full control over your feed.

Here's an example of a feed from a google doc I just made: https://spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/list/0AnY80NT8R-0UdEVIWEh0YUZ3eGdHQ1lBalRfUGZpZkE/od6/public/basic?alt=rss

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