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I work at a large Facebook game developer and we're trying to decide the best way to scale our infrastructure. Our callback URL is not using round robin DNS so it is a single point of failure. We have a VIP setup to mitigate the damage but this is still not ideal.

Before we go down the route of implementing round robin dns, I was wondering if there's a way to have Facebook randomly choose from a set of callback URLs. This seems like it would be a trivial thing for Facebook to implement and would save its developers a lot of time and money and provide a better user experience.

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You could pass a random callback then –  zerkms Mar 6 '12 at 22:24

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No, there is no way to specify multiple. I would suggest making sure your VIP load-balancer solution is robust.

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+1 - key URLs should be reliable and fixed. –  andrewb Oct 20 '14 at 23:22

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