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I am working on an infopath 2010 form/view based on a list.

I have 7 separate check box fields that I want to check through a rule under submit button that at least one of them should be selected.

Trying to do this and check for the condition, it is allowing me to check a maximum of 5 fields at a time.

How can I check at least one of these 7 check boxes is selected before submitting the data?

Any help? Thank you in advance.

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Here's an idea: Use an integer field and put a rule on each of your 7 checkboxes that adds 1 to the field. Then your final validation rule just needs to be sure the integer field is greater than zero

(Better also have a rule to subtract 1 if a box is unchecked after being checked.)


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You can overcome this by changing your last condition to "The expression" and use "and" or "or" as needed to create your compound condition. So, for example, if you need to make sure both field1 and field2 are not blank, you'd use the expression:

     my:myFields/my:field1 != "" and my:myFields/my:field2 != ""

If you need help figuring out the correct syntax for your expression, first set up the condition using the drop downs (for example, select field1 in your first drop down, then "is not blank" in your second drop down), then change the first drop down to "The expression" -- whatever your condition was will auto populate into the box for the expression. Paste that into a text editor, and then do the same for the rest of your conditions. Add and or or between them as needed, and you have your expression!


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