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I have a project which is developed by Primefaces 2.2 and JSF 2.1.

Since I am not satisfied with Primefaces' template neither ThemeRoller that they provide, I found very interesting themes on

and I want to integrate one of those in my project.

Is it possible to integrate Primefaces with templates from Themeforest? Are there any traps that I need to consider?

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Primefaces themes are powered by theme rollers, (separate css for structure and skinning). the only way of implementing themes is by using Primefaces's template or ThemeRoller. Or else you can try dynamic themes by defining EL expression as a param value


as mentioned in primefaces document here

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Yes, of course, but it's not a template. It's a theme. You can do that easily with facalet.

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Could you be more specific? How facelets can help me? – Nikola Jul 12 '12 at 8:21

I never use the template / skinning provided by Primefaces, but sometimes integrate it in the project because there are some very useful components. Of course you can use a custom template like those you saw on Themeforest. All you have to do is create XHMTL instead of HTML files and correct some syntax (for example input tags need a closing tag in XHTML). The problem is you can't completely disable the styling of components like the p:inputText, you have to use h:inputText and then apply the classes provided by your template in the styleClass attribute.

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