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What is the best/easiest way to configure AutoMapper to map ICollection<DomainModel> to ICollection<ViewModel> to ICollection<object>?

I have a DomainModel which looks like this:

public class DomainModel
    ICollection<EFEntity> Data;

    //other stuff

I want to map this DomainModel to an MVC ViewModel:

public class ViewModelWithCollection
    ICollection<object> Data;

    //other stuff

I need ICollection<object> because I use the following View:

@model ViewModelWithCollection
    @foreach(object x in Model.Data)
        Html.Partial("PartialView", x)

For each concrete ViewModel there exists a PartialView like this:

@model ViewModel
<tr> <!-- Render specific View Data --> <tr>

When I use

AutoMapper.Map<DomainModel, ViewModelWithCollection>(source, target);

AutoMapper just makes something like this:

object target = (object)EFEntity

which of course won't work.

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After some hours of searching i found out that the thing i want to achieve is called Mapping Inheritance: https://github.com/AutoMapper/AutoMapper/wiki/Mapping-inheritance

So the solution to my problem is

AutoMapper.Map<DomainModel, ViewModelWithCollection>();

AutoMapper.Map<EFEntity, object>()
    .Include<EFEntity, ViewModel>();

AutoMapper.Map<EFEntity, ViewModel>();
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I had what appears to be the same problem.

I had my domain model:

public class Client
 public int ClientId { get; set; }
 public virtual ICollection<Contract> { get; set; }

And my View Model:

public class ClientProfileViewModel
 public int ClientId { get; set; }
 public IEnumerable<ContractProfileViewModel> Contracts { get; set; }

Then in my Mappings:

Mapper.CreateMap<Client, ClientProfileViewModel>()
      .ForMember(c => c.Contracts, options => options.MapFrom(c => c.Contracts));

Mapper.CreateMap<ClientProfileViewModel, Client>()
      .ForMember(c => c.Contracts, options => options.MapFrom(c => c.Contracts))
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