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If(HampPRAPrinForg = 2, If(PrincipalForgive = 1, true, false), 
    If(HampPRAPrinForg = 1, true, 
       If(HampPRAPrinForg = null_integer, null_boolean, false))
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Help my brain, what is the code supposed to do? Yes, I see the tests for HampPRAPrinForg and PrincipalForgive but what is the task you are attempting to accomplish? –  billinkc Mar 6 '12 at 20:24
i am pulling data from one table1( server1) to another table2 ( server2). column from table2 is derivd from combination of columns in table1(HampPRAPrinForg,PrincipalForgive) –  user1169594 Mar 6 '12 at 20:31

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(HampPRAPrinForg == 2) ? (PrincipalForgive == 1 ? true : false) : (HampPRAPrinForg == 1, true, (HampPRAPrinForg == null_integer ? null_boolean : false))
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I'm not quite sure, what you are asking for!! You can check out this link.

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