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I have a .Net 4 (VS 2010) WinForms application where I am using the WebBrowser control to view .jpg files on the local hard drive. I open the file by calling:


I then have a button for the user to click to move the file to a different folder after viewing it.


This throws an IOException because the WebBrowser control still has the file open.

I have tried calling Navigate("about:blank"), I have tried Disposing the WebBrowser control, etc, and nothing works. What is a good way to get the WebBrowser control to close the jpg file?

If no other solution is found, I will be forced to copy the jpg to a temporary folder and use it for viewing, so that I can move the original around as needed.

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I created a test project and did exactly as you said and it worked. Maybe there is something else? –  ionden Mar 6 '12 at 20:21
One slight difference would be that in my production code I am loading the file from a mapped network drive (and moving it to another folder on that same drive). I wouldn't think that would cause any difference in behavior though. –  Alvin S Mar 6 '12 at 20:23

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OK, I found a bug in another section of my code. I have this method that I call in the Navigated and Resize events of the WebBrowser control, to zoom the control so that the image fits to the width of the control.

private void SetBrowserZoom()
        if (CurrentSelectedFilePath.ToLower().EndsWith(".jpg"))
            var bitMap = new System.Drawing.Bitmap(CurrentSelectedFilePath);
            decimal imageWidth = bitMap.Width;
            decimal browserWidth = WebBrowser.Width - 40;
            decimal zoomFactor = decimal.Round((browserWidth / imageWidth) * 100, 0);
            WebBrowser.Document.Images[0].Style = "zoom: " + zoomFactor.ToString() + "%";

I was not calling Dispose() on the bitmap, and that is what was keeping the file open. After I added the call to bitMap.Dispose() the issue went away.

Thanks to those who took time to help me out.

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If you aren't tied to the web browser control then you could use a picturebox instead:

Drop a PictureBox on your form and name it PictureView

PictureView.Image = Bitmap.FromFile("path to the image")

If you MUST use a webbrowser control then you might consider making a copy of the image to a temp location and point the browser to the temp copy.

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I am tied to the WebBrowser control. I want to also use it to view pdf files (it quite nicely loads Adobe Reader right up within the WebBrowser). –  Alvin S Mar 6 '12 at 20:19
well then theres the temp location deal. there are other ways to deal with it if a temp location doesnt work for you. –  Sam Axe Mar 6 '12 at 20:36

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