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I am unable to apply color and syntax setting. Can someone please suggest me the correct way?

Created these directories in /home/ec2-user directory.

mkdir ~/.vim
mkdir ~/.vim/colors
mkdir ~/.vim/syntax

Added php.vim in syntax and wombat256.vim in colors directory.

vimrc file is present in /etc directory.

:colorscheme wombat256.vim
E185: Cannot find color scheme wombat256.vim

I am following instruction from here.

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:colorscheme wombat256

should work fine.

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lucapette gave you the correct wording but there are still two problems with your setup:

  1. All your customizations are supposed to go in your own ~/.vimrc file. Don't touch the one found in /etc.

  2. You don't need a separate PHP syntax file because Vim already comes with one by default.

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