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I'd like to make a presentation on my computer that records sounds and shows all the necessary mouse-clicks, and any typing I do in a window or a form and record the results into some sort of file for playback later.

It doesn't matter if the file is MPG or AVI as long as the file can be played back in Windows Media Player.

What sort of application would anyone suggest to do this? I've seen a number of web casts that do this, but it never dawned on me what sort of software that would be useful in doing this.

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I would suggest for CamStudio as it is free and open source software.

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This seems to do the trick, thank you. –  coson Jun 10 '09 at 18:51
Your Most Welcome. –  Meetu Choudhary Jun 11 '09 at 2:24

You should try Camtasia. It's easy to use (I used it before) and it can export to AVI, Flash and Windows media

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CamStudio - it's free and open source

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You can try Microsoft Office Live.

Its very easy to use.

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I recommend PresentationTube, a new way for recording and sharing video presentations. Free and easy to learn. http://presentationtube.com/

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This doesn't meet your exact usecase. At all. BUT!

Give Presentious a try. For example: http://presentio.us/view/p1tcHs

There's nothing to install and it's super simple.

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