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I am using Spreadsheet gem to allow users to export data with .xls format. The code I am showing is allowing users to open the file in Open Office and MS Excel for MAC, but not for Windows, which I get a "file is corrupted" error.

I have a method that do the XLS export like this:

book =
sheet1 = book.create_worksheet(:name => "Expired Activity")

# Title
title_format = => 12, :pattern => 1, :pattern_fg_color => :blue, :align => :merge)
for i in 0..5
  sheet1.row(0).set_format(i, title_format)
sheet1.row(0).push "Activity"

# Header row
header_format = => 11, :pattern => 1, :pattern_fg_color => :yellow, :align => :merge)
index_row = sheet1.row(1)
index_row.push("First Name")
index_row.push("Last Name")
for i in 0..2
  index_row.set_format(i, header_format)

# Row values
row_iterator = 2
@expired.each do |expired|
  sheet1.row(row_iterator).push(expired.earnedOn, expired.firstName,  expired.lastName)
  row_iterator = row_iterator + 1
file_io =
book.write file_io

And this method is being called like this:

format.xls {@expired = current_user.recent_activity(unlimited_size,params[:start],nil);
        send_data(build_excel_expired_activity, :filename => "#{'%Y-%m-%d')}_Expired_Activity.xls", :type => "application/xls", :disposition => 'attachment')

Any thoughts, or ideas?

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You might want to have a look at the axlsx gem and its rails counterpart acts_as_xlsx. It supports full schema validation so you don't have to fight with this kind of thing.

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