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I am new to jetty. I want to use jetty web socket in my application. I tried my best but unable to find a good tutorial how to write server and client. I want to write client in jquery and server in JAVA EE 1.6. I used but there is some library error on private Outbound outbound; So Please help me by providing a good tutorial having implementation in eclipse, jetty and jdk 1.6. I will be really very very thankful to you all.

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I hope this tutorial will help you. – user1397895 May 16 '12 at 7:02

The wtp wizards have not kept up with the latest released drafts (nor the final release of the spec) of the websocket protocol.

for an example of a websocket client and server in jetty take a look at the cometd project, they have a fully working setup with it.

Alternately take a look at the test cases in jetty-websocket itself for other examples of working client and server examples in java.

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