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I have a destination model with following attributes :-

1) Continent 2) Country 3) City

I am doing something like this in the view :-

-@destinations.each do |d|

I the result to be grouped together i.e :- I want all the cities which are in a country together and all the country which are in a continent. I want to display something like this :-

  New delhi


How to I go about achieving this thing?

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Look into the group_by method of the Enumerable class.

The idea would be to try something like

@destinations.group_by(&:continent).each do |continent, ds_per_continent|
  # print continent
  - ds_per_continent.group_by(&:country).each do |country, ds_per_country|
    # print country
    - ds_per_country.each do |destination|
      # print destination.city
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thanks will check it out now –  Dev R Mar 6 '12 at 21:04

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