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We are blocked in a strange android market problem.

We are using multiple apk functionality to have an SD and HD apk of the same game (version 1.0) . We have done a mistake signing the two apk with a different keystore, but the android market did not signal the error and the application was successfully published, so we did not realised at this time we used two keystore.

Then we have tried to upload a new version (1.1) with some bug fixes, and then problems occur : - our first try to upload SD 1.1 failed because android market said we use a different keystore (using same keystore as SD 1.0) because it probably compares it with 1.0 HD keystore. - we successfully upload a SD 1.1 version signed with the same keystore as HD version but when users install the update, they have an error message saying that the signature is not valid and ask them to de-install previous version to install new one.

Waiting for a solution, we just have disabled the SD publishing at the moment...

Is someone locked in the same issue ? Or is there an android guru to give us some suggestion ?

thank you,


Just a quick resume of our situation :

  • Version 1.0 SD uses keystore (a)
  • Version 1.0 HD uses keystore (b)

both apk were uploaded successfully on the same android market entry using multiple-apk functionality (event if developer guide says android market will not accept such case).

Now uploading versions 1.1 on the market :

  • Version 1.1 HD using keystore (b) OK
  • Version 1.1 SD using keystore (a) failed to upload (bad signature error at the end of the upload on the market)
  • Version 1.1 SD using keystore (b) OK to upload on the market, but bad signature error when a user tries to update from 1.0 SD (the user is asked to remove 1.0 loosing its game saved data and its purchase).
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If I read you correctly, SD Version 1.0 was the initial publish signed with wrong keystore, now you want use the correct keystore for SD version 1.1 update. The solution is either keep using wrong keystore for SD version 1.1 update (seamless update on user's phone), or using correct keystore for SD version 1.1 re-publish (user need uninstall version 1.0 before install version 1.1). No other way to fix it AFAIK. – yorkw Mar 6 '12 at 22:02
thank you for your comment. I understand the fact that we have to use the same keystore for an update than for the initial published package. Here the problem is different because of the multiple-apk functionality behaviour. I'm going to edit a bit my post to better explain our situation. – Steph Assoria Mar 7 '12 at 12:37

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