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I am developing a game for which we need a car in Maya. I tried downloading the car from Google sketchup but they have too many faces (20000) but to load it in our game we need at least below 4000 so i want some tutorials or some kind of step by step procedure to model a car. Alternatively if i can download the car from somewhere it would be great.


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Here is a link to a low poly car in Maya:




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here's a link with different methods of modeling a car. Do keep in mind that it will take some time to get it modeled correctly, so if you're in a time crunch then you should consider buying a model from turbosquid or if you're not planning to sell the game and you give credit to the modelers or take their permission to use their models for your game, then check out models here. link


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3D modeling is not that easy. Especially with Maya which you don't seem to know... Your best bet is to buy a 3D car model from turbosquid (or any other competitor):


Best regards.

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