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I am trying to include an ADF context menu via JSP include but the menu refuses to display. Here's the snippet of the that attempts to include the menu:

<af:table value="#{mockupPersonController.people}"
    var="person" id="personDataTable"
    rowSelection="single" inlineStyle="width: 100%; height: 95%">
    <f:facet name="contextMenu">
        <af:popup id="tableContextMenu">
            <jsp:include page="/contextMenu.jsp" flush="true"/>

Here's part of the contextMenu.jsp. The idea is to use to display various parts of the context menu based on the session scoped value of "whereami":

<af:commandMenuItem text="Review Person"
actionListener="#{personStatusBean.launchPopup}" />
<af:separator />
<af:switcher facetName="#{sessionScope.whereami}"
<f:facet name="default">
    <af:commandMenuItem text="Main Menu" />
<f:facet name="location1">
    <af:commandMenuItem text="Do Something" />
    <af:commandMenuItem text="Do Something Else" />

Can anyone help?

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You should create a declarative component in order to do this...

Check this one out https://blogs.oracle.com/adffun/entry/fun_with_declarative_components

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Declarative menu is one way of doing this, the other way is to use a pagefragment and include it in a taskflow that you then bring into the page as a region.

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