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I have data in an Exel 2007 spreadsheet that looks like the following. The first row is the column heading and the second row data(24000 rows).

AI-S-    AU-S-     BH-S-   BM-B-   BR-S-

How do I make every row look like the following(So i am stripping the data in each row to only show B or S)

   S          S       S       B      S
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Assuming data starts in A2:

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this is the best answer!!! i am curious how come people don't vote up? Thank You @pete!!! – Buras May 4 '13 at 15:32

This is simple using the find and replace command from the standard menu.

Find AI  replace with ""
Find AU  replace with ""

...repeat for BH BM BR

Find - replace with ""

Done in 6 steps.

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You could use MID like this (assuming the data you want to replace starts on B2:


On every line, and then just copy, and using Paste Special, paste the values.

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