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Is there a way to force Robotium to continue completing the whole script in cases where something fails?

For example: If I have three errors and I run the script overnight, I will only catch one error and then the script stops. I want to cycle through all of the script and then report all three errors.

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Use try-catch:

try { 
    //Your script
    //Write some code to print your result as pass.
catch(Error er){
    //Write some code to print your result as fail + er.getMessage());.
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In your class that extends ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 you can put more methods; I think it's better if you don't put all test in one unique method.

public void testDisplayBlackBoxAgree() {

public void testDisplayBlackBoxDisagree() {

I hope this integration to other answer received could help you.

Sorry for my english!

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I usually type something like

if (solo.searchText("example")==true){

write code }

else{ write code for what's supposed to happen if the scenario fails }

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You can use try-catches like previously mentioned but you can also make your own assert function that prints the failure data to a document with the stacktrace using the method described here "In Java, how do I find the caller of a method using stacktrace or reflection?".

Another way to do this is to print the data to logcat if you want to process it while the app is still running mentioned here "How do I write outputs to the Log in Android?". In all you don't have to use the AssertTrue or AssertFalse functions they are just a helpful tool. Hope this helps

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