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I did an svn blame on a file like

$ svn blame folder1/file.txt

It gives me the otput that looks like:

svnRevision userName line

How do I make it to print the line number as well?, something like

lineNumber svnRevision userName line 
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not possible.. wow, the svn really is retarded.. :/ I miss git :/ – Paladin Sep 25 '14 at 14:35

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Based on Kunal Cholera, but without creating any files

svn blame file.cpp | cat -n
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You can get line numbers by outputting the result in XML

svn blame --xml <file>
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Pipe blame to easiest awk script, which add FNR output to $0. For example:

svn blame file.txt | awk '{print FNR $0}'
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It's not possible with blame.

Possible switches:

--revision (-r) REV
--username USER
--password PASS
--config-dir DIR
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I found out a work around using multiple commands like this:

trick is to use svn blame to blame and then output that to a file, then use cat command with -n to get line numbers on that file and then delete that file.

svn blame abc/ > file.txt ; cat -n file.txt; rm file.txt

hope that helps !

thanks everyone for responding..

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You don't really need the temporary file. Simply pipe the output of svn blame to cat -n. (edit: see Pelle's answer). – Shawn Chin Jul 24 '12 at 15:45

you can do that:

svn blame file.cpp | nl
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