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I have an Excel macro that connects to a SQL server database and displays data. It works fine on a PC (Excel 2010 ver 14) but when I try it on a Mac (Excel 2011 14.1.4) it doesn't work.

It's saying it doesn't have the library for the ADODB that I'm using in the code. I believe the library is ActiveX Data Objects 2.7.

How do I get around this? Thank you very much!!

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ADODB is a Windows database access technology based on ActiveX (which you mention in your question). You need to find the Mac alternative and use it instead in your OS X version. (You should specify which database engine you're using; I'm presuming it's SQL Server, but you should edit to add the proper tag. The proper database access technology can vary drastically based on the database you're trying to access.) –  Ken White Mar 6 '12 at 23:39
Thanks Ken, I figured that it wasn't supported so I've been searching all day for an alternative. Does anyone know a specific alternative I can use? –  malt_man Mar 7 '12 at 2:45

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You can't use the ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 on Mac. Read this.

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