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I have a NodeJS server running which is sucessfully acessed by 2 domains though HTTP.

Now those 2 sites have different SSL certificates.

What I want now, is to allow those 2 sites to connect to the node server via HTTPS.

I have sucessfully added one of the certificates... How should I procede to add the other one, or in other words, add 2 certificates to the same node server?

Here's the code I have so far:

var options = {
  key: fs.readFileSync("keys/cer1.key"),
  cert: fs.readFileSync("certs/cer2.crt"),
  ca: fs.readFileSync("ca/ca.crt")

https.createServer(options, function (req, res) {


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There is a chicken and egg problem here: the server needs to decrypt the request to know which certificate to use - to decrypt the request ;)

There is SNI which is designed to solve this - but I am not sure how that is implemented in node. Without this, you need to have a one to one mapping of port to certificate (this is the same issue every web server faces - hopefully SNI support will become the norm one day).

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I was hoping for that to be the case... Thanks Michael – RedEagle Mar 7 '12 at 23:34

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