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is there anyway to wrap textarea text with tags ? Javascript/Jquery

B = Bold I = Italic U = Underline S = Strike

For example:

 B I U S
 Some text here

When i highlight "here" and then click on bold its will be smth like this.

 B I U S
 Some text [b]here[/b]

Hope i will find solution and this is it thanks.

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this is the solution

function wrapText(elementID, openTag, closeTag) {
    var textArea = $('#' + elementID);
    var len = textArea.val().length;
    var start = textArea[0].selectionStart;
    var end = textArea[0].selectionEnd;
    var selectedText = textArea.val().substring(start, end);
    var replacement = openTag + selectedText + closeTag;
    textArea.val(textArea.val().substring(0, start) + replacement + textArea.val().substring(end, len));
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console.log(parseBB('[b]hello [/b][u]world[/u]'));

test case



function parseBB(string){
var _string = string.replace(/\n/g, '<br>'),
parseExp = new RegExp(/^(.*)\[(b|u|i|s)\]([A-Za-z0-9 ._-]+)\[\/[a-z]+\](.*)$/g);

(function run(){
        _string = _string.replace(parseExp , '$1<$2>$3</$2>$4');
return _string;
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