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The Visual Studio 2012 offers two themes, Light and Dark. I want to switch the theme to Dark, but I'm not able to find any menus or options to do that.

I found out a way importing settings from:

Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE\ FontsAndColorsThemes\1ded0138-47ce-435e-84ef-9ec1f439b749.vssettings

and the code editor is now in Dark theme but other windows are still in Light theme such as the Solution Explorer, Toolbox, and Toolbars.

What should I do to switch themes?

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In Visual Studio 2012, open the Options dialog (Tools -> Options). Under Environment -> General, the first setting is "Color theme." You can use this to switch between Light and Dark.

The shell theme is distinct from the editor theme--you can use any editor fonts and colors settings with either shell theme.

O hai!

There is also a Color Theme Editor extension that can be used to create new themes.

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Is it still possible to use the light UI but the dark theme editor. I haven't figured out a way yet. I used this method before but that doesn't work in the RC.… – Olaj Jun 26 '12 at 6:47
With the dark theme, many of the little icons looks uglier than a pig's arse because there are little white jagged halos around them. I found using the windows 7 magnifier to invert all colors looks nicer, unix terminal reverse style: – Nick A Miller Jul 16 '12 at 2:03
@NickAMiller: The halos were a known issue with the Release Candidate. The final RTM release of Visual Studio 2012 does not exhibit this problem. – James McNellis Aug 18 '12 at 17:35
Update 2 in Visual Studio 2012 brings the blue color theme, which is similar to Visual Studio 2010 default. – Aki May 7 '13 at 12:49
better as dark.. but still... sooo bad! – Mr Universe Jul 6 '13 at 6:07

Tools -> Options ->Environment -> General

Or use new Quick Launch to open Options Use Quick Launch to open Options

enter image description here

For more themes, download Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor for more themes including good old VS2010 theme.

Look at this video for a demo.

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I think its only for non-express editions? – nawfal Dec 28 '13 at 8:28
I don't get blue ... ? – Pomster Mar 18 '14 at 9:19
@Pomster: Not by default. You have to get this… – CharithJ Mar 18 '14 at 10:00
@nawfal it worked for me in VS2013 express. – Josh C. May 6 '14 at 13:55

For extra themes, including making VS 2012 look like VS 2010 see:

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thanks default theme too bad – MonsterMMORPG Feb 24 '13 at 22:26

Slightly off topic, but for those of you that want to modify the built-in colors of the Dark/Light themes you can use this little tool I wrote for Visual Studio 2012.

More info here:

Modify Visual Studio 2012 Dark (and Light) Themes

Source Code

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For those who are using "High Contrast" windows themes but still want a regular Visual Studio theme you might notice that the theme selector drop down is disabled. You can still change it by doing the following...

  1. Going to the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0_Config\Themes (or whichever version of VS you are using)
  2. Export the key of the theme you want (it's a bunch of random letters / numbers) to a .reg file.
  3. Then copy the "high contrast" key's name (again random letters / numbers)
  4. Delete the high contrast key and then rename the dark theme to the copied name
  5. Then import the exported theme from the reg file.

This permanently sets the theme to the one you've chosen.

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Try the steps in here: If you don't have Visual Studio 2010 installed, some icons are provided.

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The Blue theme is now supported via Visual Studio update 2, and is accessed like the answer chosen for this question.

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In Windows 8, the selection of "Color theme" is disabled. It says "Visual Studio is currently using software rendering. Hardware-accelerated rendering is currently not available."

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Tools--> Options-->General-->Color Theme

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Also, you can use or create and share Visual Studio color schemes:

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Just found and love this site. Lots of nice themes, also with user votes to guide you. The default dark theme had too low contrast for me.. trying Weke Road right now. For info on how to install, see the FAQ. Right now, it only supports up to 2013, have not tried with 2015. – Andreas Reiff Oct 7 '15 at 7:15
thanks, it helped a lot – AngelinaJolly Oct 28 '15 at 8:54

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