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I lost my keystore and as I've seen in other questions here, it is impossible for me to upgrade my app. So I've decided to generate a new keystore and and sign my apk. However, I want the app name and package to remain the same. I will just delete the old app and upload the new one. Is this possible?

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If you're talking about the app on your own device, or devices you control, you can remove them, then replace with the same package name / new signature (sometimes a reboot is needed after uninstall / before re-install).

If you're talking about the Android market, no, you cannot delete it or replace it with a new signature; you'll need to change the package name.

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Once you've submitted an application to the Android Market all future submissions must be signed using the same Keystore. You should always back this up. From the docs:

Also, the package name must be the same as the existing version and the .apk file must be signed with the same private key. If the package name and signing certificate do not match those of the existing version, Google Play will consider it a new application, publish it as such, and will not offer it to existing users as an update.

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