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64bits system:

$i=2;print ~$i; # 18446744073709551613

32bits system:

$i=2;print ~$i; # 4294967293

How can I make $i 32 bits?

I need a portable bitwise operation in Perl in any system.

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The answer to your headline question is 'No'; there aren't equivalents to int, short or long in Perl. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 7 '12 at 4:38
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For portable bitwise operations in Perl, check out the Bit::Vector library on CPAN.

It supports a wide range of bitwise operations, for example:

use Bit::Vector;

my $vector = Bit::Vector->new_Dec(32, "2"); # 32-bit vector for the decimal value 2
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Just bitwise-and the result with 0xffffffff. This will have no effect on a 32-bit system, and give you the low-order 32 bits on a 64-bit system, which is the answer you want.

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