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I'm developing a web application using stripesframework and had an issue. I found a work around but I want to know why it was happening.

I wrote a class like

public class SubjectActionBean extends ActionBean {
    private String subjectType;
    private String subjectName;
    @Validate(required = true)
    public void setSubjectName(String subjectName) {
        this.subjectName = subjectName;

    @Validate(required = true)
    public void setSubjectType(String subjectType) {
        this.subjectType = subjectType;
    public Resolution view() {
        return new Resolution();

where subject_type and subject_name change based on the subject page from which the action was called. So a call would be localhost/subject/applied/math.

Till here it was working fine. The problem happened when I tried to create a remove method

    public void removeSubject() {

and called it using localhost/subject/applied/math/remove At this point stripes started complaining that there is no handler to the call and there is also no default handler.

So, I removed "{subject_type}/{subject_name}" in the path and passed them as parameters and inside the method unpacked them using:


This made the remove method to get called.

My question now why "{subject_type}/{subject_name}" made stripes unable to find the remove method.

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Try changing the @UrlBinding to the following:


Without the {$event} Stripes is not able tell which part of the URL parameter is supposed to be the event.

Also, to test you can try (with the current @UrlBinding) to access localhost/subject/applied/math?remove=

Hope that helps.

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