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I tried what I thought was right to access some extra fields from a facebook application.

For instance, on the facebook website, it is as written for the secure_canvas_url

secure_canvas_url: The secure URL from which Canvas app content is loaded (Editable via API)

App access_token required; only returned if specifically requested via the fields URL parameter (string)

Then, I tried on my side and then on the Graph API explorer offered by Facebook. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/?method=GET&path=my_app_ip%3Ffields%3Dsecure_canvas_url

I got the access token after asking for all permissions, but the result is always the same and I cannot get the secure_canvas_url to be returned.

How to get the secure_canvas_url to be returned and/or to be set remotely via the API ?

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The problem was that I was getting my own user access token, not the application one. I did not find a way to get it through the Graph API Explorer but could get it in my program.

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