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Is there anyway to set a global image setting, route, or anything so that all images reference a CDN url without having to update every image? So when I use the HTML helper like this:


Instead of referencing /img/some_image.jpg, it will point to:


Final solution was simple. Thanks @burzum for the push in the proper direction. Here is what I did.

In AppController I added:

public $helpers = array(
    'Html' => array(
        'className' => 'MyHtml'

Then I created the override helper:

// app/View/Helper/MyHtmlHelper.php
App::uses('HtmlHelper', 'View/Helper');
class MyHtmlHelper extends HtmlHelper {
    // Add your code to override the core HtmlHelper
    public function image($path, $options = array()) {
        $path = 'http://cdn.localhost/'.$path;
        return parent::image($path, $options);
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Simply overwrite the image() method in a customized helper extending the HtmlHelper and use the 2.1 aliasing feature for helpers:

public $helpers = array(
    'Html' => array(
        'className' => 'MyHtml'
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