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Our application needs to implement an autocomplete feature by server side:

that means when customer typing in textbox, the input chars will be sent to server, and the candidate list will be returned from server immediately.

In order to short the response time as possible as we can, someone suggest we could take one ajax only on this function.

But my question are:

1) Is it possible by one ajax request, (if it can be "keep-alive"), then we can send the input chars, get the response, then send new inputs chars, get the new response again? seems like a websocket a little.

Since I cannot figure out how to send input chars(commands) again and again on client side by javascript.

seems no API to send multiple commands/requests on one ajax object.

2) If we can send multiple commands on one ajax object, how can we get multiple responses one by one from this ajax object?

Any framework/lib to support?

3) Are there any good solutions for this kind of autocomplete by server?

We need cross multiple browsers, we use dojo now.


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yes it is possible ,, by having the query string as different,but URL should be same – Sam Arul Raj Mar 7 '12 at 4:21
Nested ajax is possible when one completed the next one can send request again the nested ajax of second can send request this is quite possible. – Sam Arul Raj Mar 7 '12 at 6:13

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