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I have made an app using target sdk version 2.2 ,but for newer version I need to implement the same app on android 4.0 .But when i tested on the device it shows small layouts. I have some questions:

1.Why is it showing small layouts ?

2.How I can change it?

3.Will there be any other problem related to this when I switch to android 4.0.?

Please answer these questions?

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For change layout

In your xml editor .there is combobox for resizing layout check that.

For Change version

Right click on your current project > properties >android > select version >ok

no problem for changing

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If you are using Eclipse, you can change the Android target version quite easily. Project->Properties and then select Android and change the target version (Note: You may need to use the Android SDK manager to install new targets and AVDs).

You shouldn't have any problem going from 2.2 to 4.0 although again you may need a new AVD or device to test your app with.

Not sure what you mean about small layouts...

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Layout: Your layout is probably set to a specific screen size or density. To support multiple screens, create a layout folder under res. You can create layout folders for specific screen sizes and densities. Something like this:

  • layout
  • layout_ldpi
  • layout_mdpi
  • layout_hdpi

For more info, check this link

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