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just having some trouble with an SQL update in PHP. Listed below is an extract of the function:

    $captain = $this->getUserName();
    $member = $textParts[1];
    $memberNo = 'member1';

    $sqlUpdate = 'UPDATE ajax_chat_draft_teams SET '.$memberNo.'='.$member.' WHERE captain='.$captain.'';

    $result = $this->db->sqlQuery($sqlUpdate); 

When the Query is reached it throws the following error:

Query: UPDATE ajax_chat_draft_teams SET member1=user WHERE captain=Oolius
Error-Report: Unknown column 'Oolius' in 'where clause'
Error-Code: 1054 error occured!

The table ajax_chat_draft_teams has 5 fields: captain, member1, member2, member3, member4 (Note: There is a record in the table where the captain is Oolius and all members are NULL).

I'm failing to see what is wrong with my SQL statement. Thanks for your time.

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Toss quotes around Oolius, it's bothering me. – Ryan Kempt Mar 7 '12 at 5:53
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Try this:

$sqlUpdate = 'UPDATE ajax_chat_draft_teams SET '.$memberNo.' = "'.$member.'" WHERE captain = "'.$captain.'"';
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Thanks heaps worked a charm. That was causing me way to much strife. – user1253886 Mar 7 '12 at 6:05

String literals need to be surrounded in single quotes. The query should look like this:

UPDATE ajax_chat_draft_teams SET member1='user' WHERE captain = 'Oolius'

Also, consider using PDO and bind variables.

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+1 for binding, SQL like this is begging for an injection attack – muffinista Mar 7 '12 at 18:49

You need to put Oolius in quotes other MySQL thinks it is a column name.

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Use this

$sqlUpdate = 'UPDATE ajax_chat_draft_teams SET '.$memberNo.'="'.$member.'" WHERE captain="'.$captain.'"';

i hope it will help you.

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