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I am trying to skip/omit some tests. My environment is Ruby/selenium webdriver/Test Unit.

This how the structure looks:

class HeadTestCase < Test::Unit::TestCase
class UnitTest1 < CCTestCase

class UnitTest1 < CCTestCase
  def web_test_01
    omit("Skipping this test")
    some code related to test

Omit method signature is omit("Message",&block)

I dont know what I should put for &block.

Also is this a correct way to skip a test?

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Using omit the way you are using it here looks correct. The trick is that you need to be using the test-unit gem and not the minimal version of Test::Unit included with the Ruby distribution.

gem install test-unit

You do not need to use a code block with omit unless you want only part of the code in your test case to be omitted. Use do and end as usual for a block:

def web_test_01
  omit("Skipping part of the test") do
    # Code here would be skipped
  # Code here would be executed
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