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Recently I am working with Spark DataGrid. Before I was using AdvancedDataGrid. In that I was capturing itemDoubleClick event. But I am not able to find such a event in SparkdataGrid.

So I want to capture double click event on single row of DataGrid.

Some people told that, I have to use my custom ItemRenderer to do that. But is there any way to capture itemDoubleClick event in Spark DataGrid without creating custom ItemRenderer ???

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2 Answers

In actionscript:

myDataGrid.doubleClickEnabled = true;
myDataGrid.addEventListener(GridEvent.GRID_DOUBLE_CLICK, handleGridDoubleClick);

private function handleGridDoubleClick(event:GridEvent):void {
    trace(event.rowIndex, event.columIndex);
    trace(event.column, event.item);

Or in MXML:

<s:DataGrid doubleClickEnabled="true" 
            doubleClick="handleGridDoubleClick(event)" />

'doubleClickEnabled' is 'false' by default so you have to explicitly set it to 'true'

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I had also tried it... But the problem is, when you continously click on two rows of DataGrid, it also detect it as double click, even if those two rows are different.... It detects double click on whole grid... –  Mitul Golakiya Mar 7 '12 at 10:44
Yeah, but that only happens when you click two rows very quickly, right? You probably wildly click around to test your interface, but in real life that hardly ever happens. If you really want to work around that, your best bet would be a custom ItemRenderer indeed. –  RIAstar Mar 7 '12 at 10:57
finally I managed it with the help of custom Itemrenderer... –  Mitul Golakiya Mar 19 '12 at 13:08
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You do not need a custom ItemRenderer. Just do it like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


            import spark.events.GridEvent;

            private var lastColumnIndex:int = -1;
            private var lastRowIndex:int = -1;

            // set this to change the double click time   
            //mx_internal::event.grid.DOUBLE_CLICK_TIME = 480;  // ms

            protected function dataGrid_gridClickHandler(event:GridEvent):void
                trace("click on this cell", event.rowIndex, event.columnIndex);

                lastRowIndex = event.rowIndex;
                lastColumnIndex = event.columnIndex;

            protected function dataGrid_gridDoubleClickHandler(event:GridEvent):void
               if (event.rowIndex == lastRowIndex && event.columnIndex == lastColumnIndex)
                   trace("a real double click on this cell", event.rowIndex, event.columnIndex);
                   trace("this is a gridClick on another cell", event.rowIndex, event.columnIndex);

               lastRowIndex = event.rowIndex;
               lastColumnIndex = event.columnIndex;


        <s:DataGrid id="dataGrid" requestedRowCount="5" verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0"
                <s:DataItem key="1000" name="Abrasive" price="100.11" call="false"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1001" name="Brush" price="110.01" call="true"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1002" name="Clamp" price="120.02" call="false"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1003" name="Drill" price="130.03" call="true"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1004" name="Epoxy" price="140.04" call="false"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1005" name="File" price="150.05" call="true"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1006" name="Gouge" price="160.06" call="false"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1007" name="Hook" price="170.07" call="true"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1008" name="Ink" price="180.08" call="false"/>
                <s:DataItem key="1009" name="Jack" price="190.09" call="true"/>            
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