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I'm trying to set up PDFKit but I can't even run my application to start with. I keep getting this error:

`require': cannot load such file -- pdfkit (LoadError)

Here is my entire application.rb file.

require File.expand_path('../boot', __FILE__)

require 'rails/all'
require 'pdfkit'

if defined?(Bundler)
  # If you precompile assets before deploying to production, use this line
   Bundler.require(*Rails.groups(:assets => %w(development test)))
  # If you want your assets lazily compiled in production, use this line
  #Bundler.require(:default, :assets, Rails.env)

module Form
  class Application < Rails::Application

    # Configure the default encoding used in templates for Ruby 1.9.
    config.encoding = "utf-8"

    # Configure sensitive parameters which will be filtered from the log file.
    config.filter_parameters += [:password]

    # Enable the asset pipeline
    config.assets.enabled = true

    # Version of your assets, change this if you want to expire all your assets
    config.assets.version = '1.0'
    config.middleware.use PDFKit::Middleware


I've followed the instructions on the wiki page for pdfkit but I'm bogged with this error. I think it can't find the pdfkit gem but it seems to be installed. Please do help.

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run gem which pdfkit –  fl00r Mar 7 '12 at 7:46
ok I got the path to the pdfkit - now what –  Ali Mar 7 '12 at 7:50
remove require 'pdfkit' to the bottom of application.rb –  fl00r Mar 7 '12 at 7:57
Done that - still gives me the same error –  Ali Mar 7 '12 at 7:59
Do you use RVM? Can you try to require 'pdfkit' in your console (irb, pry, or rails console)? –  fl00r Mar 7 '12 at 8:01

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Remove require 'pdfkit' from application.rb

Add to your Gemfile

gem "pdfkit"

And then run bundle command from your rails root dir.

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