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I'm working on a project which requires its listBox.ItemTemplate to be neat, so I tried to design it out with a new page, then using expression blend to drag it into a ListBox. However, it turns into "destroyed" ui. What should I know in order to design ListBox.ItemTemplate content in xaml with expression blend?


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Also, accept some answers! – Killercam Mar 7 '12 at 10:37

Expression blend allows to design item templates right in ListBox.

Created template should looks like:

            <!-- Layout here -->
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Check this very detailed article on CodeProject on how to define and style the ItemTemplate for a ListBox: ListBox styling - Additional templates in Expression Blend. It is for Silverlight in general but the principle will be the same for WP7 (as this is a subset of Silverlight). Hope this helps!

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To create a custom ListBox see the following Microsoft tutorial. Also, to import/inherit a control from VS2010 you could follow the methods outlined in part 1 and part 2 of a tutorial provided by TheWindowsClub.

There were tutorials by Microsoft, but I have check my favourites list and they have been taken down for some strange reason. Hope this helps...

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I had the same problem, I've been searching for the solution for 2 hours and this is the solution:

Editing ListBoxItem styles and templates

if it seems too complicated, I'll write a blog post about it in one week, I'll share it.

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