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I am trying to build an administration section in a Kohana 3.2 environment where the goal is to target the following URL:


Currently I have a route that is defined and works fine as:


My first approach to creating the admin version was this:

Route::set('admin', 'admin/(<controller>(/<action>(/<id>)))');

This will work, but my controllers inside the admin folder have to be another class name as the controllers outside of this folder. I thought if I would like to target admin/user/index I need a Controller_User in the admin folder. This only works if I type admin_user/index, because this uses the default route.

How do I set up admin folders with routing in Kohana?

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I'm not sure if you want it to be in the admin directory or not, but I assume you want to.

First, you have to specify the directory Kohana is going to look in for the route:

Route::set('admin', 'admin/(<controller>(/<action>(/<id>)))')
        'directory' => 'admin'

The you create a file called user.php in application/classes/controller/admin/

And the name of the controller is then Controller_Admin_User

I hope this helps.

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but then i can only reach the controller over admin/admin_user correct? –  viperneo Mar 7 '12 at 14:15
No, just admin/user –  Ikke Mar 7 '12 at 16:00

If I understand correctly - you want to have admin controllers inside admin folder but you want the controller name without admin part - this is not possible, as class name must reflect the folder structure.

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