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when i hit the url in my local host: http://localhost:3000/refinery/events it gets me error:

No route matches {:controller=>"refinery/refinery/admin/dashboard"}

When I go through with rake routes :

events_events GET     /events(.:format)                             refinery/events/events#index

 events_event GET     /events/:id(.:format)                         refinery/events/events#show

pdate_positions_events_admin_events POST    /refinery/events/update_positions(.:format)   refinery/events/admin/events#update_positions

events_admin_events GET     /refinery/events(.:format)                    refinery/events/admin/events#index

POST    /refinery/events(.:format)                    refinery/events/admin/events#create

new_events_admin_event GET     /refinery/events/new(.:format)                refinery/events/admin/events#new

edit_events_admin_event GET     /refinery/events/:id/edit(.:format)           refinery/events/admin/events#edit

events_admin_event PUT     /refinery/events/:id(.:format)                refinery/events/admin/events#update

DELETE  /refinery/events/:id(.:format)                refinery/events/admin/events#destroy

As I am using the Refinery CMS so there are one routes.rb file in config and also in vendor/extension/ directory. So how actually they communicate and work it out above ?

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Please post your routes.rb code –  soundar Mar 7 '12 at 8:37
please think to format your code instead other doing to you –  shingara Mar 7 '12 at 8:49

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You must use resources properly while adding routes . There are two resources which is same . events and events .

The other problem in this example is sometime GET events understand event id and some times admin in the place of id.

It creates conflict in your route .

Get event/:id and Get event/admin is creating issue.

Please use rest full routes way, collections and members , name space for admin part so that your code will be more modular.

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<code>In my main route file contanis , mount Refinery::Core::Engine, :at => '/' And the event engine route file contains : Refinery::Core::Engine.routes.draw do #Front route namespace :events do resources :events, :path => '', :only => [:index, :show] end #Admin route namespace :events, :path => '' do namespace :admin, :path => 'refinery' do resources :events, :except => :show do collection do post :update_positions end end end end end</code> –  Prasad Mar 7 '12 at 11:44
Could you please post your routes.rb in question and edit it? –  hbdev ror Mar 7 '12 at 11:44

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