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I know this question already have been asked. But I could not find any good answers.I want to embedd my youtube channel direct to my site, so the visitor can view initially the latest video I have uploaded, then there should be playlist with all other videos from my channel (this is importan to be only from my channel). Can anyone suggest something?

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Youtube automatically creates an RSS of the latest videos added to your website..

How to fetch and extract (parse) the content is well documented across the web but here's a demo that will automatically embed your latest video. All the code is included.

This demo was originally written for a client who did not have server-side scripting so it uses a Yahoo Pipe to fetch and , filter and process the RSS feed. There's no easy way to document them so here's a picture several others are piggybacking on the demo pipe so it's a good idea to make your own (it's a free service)

If you remove the 'truncate' module from the pipe it will send a list of all the video using a JSON formatted string..

latest= (data.value.items[0].content);
first = (data.value.items[1].content);
second= (data.value.items[2].content);
third = (data.value.items[3].content);
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