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In my game character should move from left to right (using accelerometer), and I've set the limit on the move that the character can make (i think). However it happens quite a few times, when the character has moved to it's right limit for example, and i tried tilting the phone right some more, somehow the character can move out of the permitted limit and goes missing in oblivion. here's my code -

display.setStatusBar (display.HiddenStatusBar)
-- Hides the status bar

local physics = require ("physics")
-- start physics engine and set the gravity (I'm using 0 to start, you might want to change this.)

background = display.newImage ("back.jpg")
local floor = display.newRect(320, 0, 1, 480)
local lWall = display.newRect(0, 480, 320, 1)
local rWall = display.newRect(0, -1, 320, 1)
local ceiling = display.newRect(-1, 0, 1, 480)

staticMaterial = {density=2, friction=.3, bounce=.4}
physics.addBody(floor, "static", staticMaterial)
physics.addBody(lWall, "static", staticMaterial)
physics.addBody(rWall, "static", staticMaterial)
physics.addBody(ceiling, "static", staticMaterial)
-- Sets the background

collector = display.newImage ("ms_throw.png")
collector.x = 10
collector.y = 10
physics.addBody(collector, {friction = 1.0, bounce=0.6})
-- Adds the collector and adds physics to the collector

-- Create the table to throw eggs
local vertPost = display.newRect(0, 400, 160, 10)
vertPost:setFillColor(33, 33, 33)
local horizPost = display.newRect(160, 400, 10, 155)
horizPost:setFillColor(33, 33, 33)
physics.addBody(vertPost, "static", staticMaterial)

-- Put a character on top of the table
thrower = display.newImage ("mr_throw.png")
thrower.x = 230
thrower.y = 460

local motionx = 0
local motiony = 0

local function onAccelerate( event )
motiony = 35 * event.yGravity
Runtime:addEventListener ("accelerometer", onAccelerate)

local function movecollector (event)
collector.x = collector.x + motionx
collector.y = collector.y - motiony
Runtime:addEventListener("enterFrame", movecollector)
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In your movecollector function, try using body:applyForce( xForce, yForce, bodyX, bodyY ) rather than updating the x and y positions.

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what should be the value for xForce, yForce, bodyX, bodyY ? –  imin Mar 9 '12 at 4:31
xForce and yForce will be some variation of your motionx/y properties. bodyX and bodyY will be the x/y properties of your "collector" object (collector.x, collector.y) –  Corey Mar 9 '12 at 15:28

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