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I have a string "";

I want to convert this string to numeric values = 1001;

how do i do this?

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The easiest way would be to strip out the periods and parse:

var input = "";
int number = int.Parse(input.Replace(".", ""));

Note - this version will throw an exception if the string is not a number once the periods are stripped out. If you don't want this behaviour, you can use int.TryParse

var input = "";
int number;

int.TryParse(input.Replace(".", ""), out number);
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you can try

int.Parse(myString.Replace(".", ""))
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        string number = "";
        var convertedString = int.Parse(number.Replace(".",""));

This should work.

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ewww - way too slow! – Alex Mar 7 '12 at 9:06
    Int32 num;
    String numString = "";

    Boolean success = Int32.TryParse(numString.Replace(".",""), out num);

Then you can test that success is true before attempting to use the num integer.

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if your string is static

 int number = Convert.ToInt32("".Replace(".", ""));


int number = Convert.ToInt32(yourstringvariable.Replace(".", ""));
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