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In the past users have uploaded banners freely without validation. Just recently we rolled out validation with banners. How do we update user records that have OLD banners?

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  require 'carrierwave/orm/activerecord'
  mount_uploader :banner, BannerUploader

  validate :banner_size_validation, :if => :banner?
  validate :check_banner_dimensions, :if => :banner?

  def banner_size_validation
    errors.add :banner, 'should be less than 1mb' if banner.size > 1.megabytes

  def check_banner_dimensions
    tmp_banner = MiniMagick::Image.open(banner)
    errors.add :banner, 'height must be no more than 400px.' if tmp_banner[:height] > 400

For example. User with ID 3 uploaded a banner at the time our validations were not enforced.

User.find(3).update_attributes!(:artist_name => 'vanilla')
# ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Banner height must be no more than 400px.

Deleting banners might disappoint users. Resizing existing banners will make some banners look 'stretchy'. Any suggestions?

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You can decide what to do depending on the count of users with old banners uploaded. Or you can add condition to your validation methods to check for banner creation date, so old banners wouldn`t be touched by these checks. –  Hck Mar 7 '12 at 10:11
Actually I got it to work with a Proc and banner_change? –  Christian Fazzini Mar 7 '12 at 11:14

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